The Angel's Wings {#JustWriteIt} {#OnceUponNow}✔

The Angel's Wings {#JustWriteIt} {#OnceUponNow}✔

10.4K Reads 605 Votes 7 Part Story
❣SerenityR0se❣ By SerenityR0se Completed

#JustWriteIt #OnceUponNow


A Modern Fairytale.

9,000 word limit.
6,877 words written.

A short story written by SerenityR0se.

Would you give up a part of who you are to be with the one you love?

This story is being entered into the Target publishing contest.

*CTTO for cover image.

NaughtyPoohBear NaughtyPoohBear May 03, 2016
Cool can't wait to see what ya got in store for all of us!!!
crazykajal crazykajal May 10, 2016
Thanks for dedication, I was going through my mail and got to I don't know how I missed in notification panel, I didn't u dedicated me. Thank u so much. Xoxo
its_just_me_1 its_just_me_1 Nov 16, 2016
Very interesting <3 ;) ((my pup stretched and made me accidently prematurely hit send for my first comment above lol))
readtokill readtokill May 03, 2016
You will do everything for the one you love..even if it means to give up something....