God's Island

God's Island

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Les Mason By Thrillwriterdotcom Completed

No one would describe Gina Lawrence as a sweet and blushing girl-next-door. But even Gina, so worldly and street-wise, had to admit God's Island went way beyond anything she could have imagined. 

It existed at a time long before the  dawning of Club Med and the free-loving hippie anything goes movement--a time when global tensions had reached breaking point.

Amid terrifying nuclear brinkmanship, Sam Godsteen's Island promised Club Med and more-much more. And like all forbidden fruit, it was bound to end.

Gina thought she'd found heaven on earth.  Even when things started to fall apart she tried to ignore the signs. 

She'd drawn about herself a cocoon of indulgence-a personal paradise on a tropical island- where only a select few would share a wild ride of emotion-filled excitement. A deceptive place, devoid of law and social structure, that would quickly and violently transform, leaving only a vast ocean in which to run and hide.

Sheer survival quickly replaces her blinkered fool's paradise, culminating in a hellish ordeal of death and deprivation, leaving her little choice. Gina must kill or be killed. 

God's Island to Devil's Island in the blink of an eye.

  • 1961
  • abduction
  • cold-war
  • emotion
  • fbi
  • kennedy-era
  • murder
  • pacific
  • paradise
  • slave-trade
  • terror
matthewbrownstories matthewbrownstories Jul 12, 2017
Nice prologue. It gives me an idea what may happen later on. I like the characters names especially.
anupamarc anupamarc Mar 19, 2017
I don't know why but I feel like a comma should be after - With everyone aboard, cables... Trust me though I am no comma queen Lol so do check.
MJones MJones Jan 27, 2017
Your writing style is very crisp.  Gina's personality is shining through in this story and I'm curious as to who this mysterious 'fan' of hers is :P.   I like Gina's cynical viewpoint, it's a refreshing change from the usual supermodel trope.
- - Jul 09, 2016
I like it so far! Your detail is great and your a very good writer!
RElizabethM RElizabethM Jan 19, 2017
I found this prologue interesting. You establish some of the stakes and characters and leave enough of a sense of mystery to encourage people to read on. 😀
lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Nov 25, 2016
Bah, pressed the button too quickly. Anyway, like your writing style. Smooth and professional. I must admit, if I want to READ rather than critique I stick to the features, that's where the well-written stories can be found!