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I'm Negan By xPureChances Updated Jul 07, 2017

He was the most popular guy around town. 

He was a charming and handsome young man.

Up until his house got burned down to the ground and all fingers starting pointing at him.

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kevintrapped kevintrapped Jun 05, 2017
if yall know the footballer kevin trapp (( my username lmaoooo ))
breadcats breadcats Aug 28, 2017
i just got the word “enigma” mixed up  with “amoeba” and was thoroughly confused for a little bit
Lightning_Stryker Lightning_Stryker Jun 10, 2017
I like how it repeats his name. Definitely puts emphasis on how mysterious his character is
-gossipman -gossipman Jan 02, 2017
disappointment is a mild way to describe how i felt when i realised there was nothing else to read- so psyched for this though!
aroyalphase aroyalphase Dec 20, 2016
oh god, your books are amazing, and i haven't even read the first chapter of this book
AjAntony AjAntony Jan 15, 2017
The madness with which you presented this really reflects the POV of Kevin. Good work.