Masks (boyxboy)

Masks (boyxboy)

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Charlie By Charliewrites0 Updated Dec 24, 2016

Lucas arrives home and shuts himself in his room. No word or explanation, only silence.

His worried mother decides to call an old friend of his in the hopes that he will help break the silence, but Edward Black has troubles of his own: his innocence and solitude among them.

It's all about uncovering masks and shattering reflections.


Author's Note:

I don't usually write A/N in the book, so I want to take the time now to say thank you for reading, voting and commenting. 

Thank you for pointing out any mistakes (which I will gladly correct) and for motivating me to be better and better.

Thanks to everyone who helped me vote for a cover, you are the greatest ;D

***Mature content ahead: 
Descriptions of violence, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, self harm and sexual content, among others***

***Other triggers may include: mentions of religious beliefs, illness, psychopathic behavior, among others.***

Love always,


blackwallflower blackwallflower Aug 27, 2016
MORE MORE! I like it very much, can't  wait for the next chapter! That mysterious guy sounds HOT! HARRY STYLES WITH LONG HAIR obviously. The mother sounds like a female dog...  Is Blair a girl or a boy? I wonder what happened there...
iheartkendi iheartkendi Nov 28, 2016
Descriptive!! I can totally imagine what the characters are doing. The emotions of each character are very evident because of how you  describe their individual feelings.
micka55 micka55 Oct 08, 2016
Great beginning, I really like your descriptions! I'm looking forward to find out about his past.
RaineLuka RaineLuka Nov 02, 2016
OMG THIS IS AMAZING. It really drew me in. i just wanna read more and more.
ravewriter ravewriter Dec 11, 2016
KeriHalfacre KeriHalfacre Nov 22, 2016
This paragraph suffers a little from what I like to call 'passive catch up syndrome'. The smidgen of passive voice makes it feel like I have to catch up to what's happening to the scene. I've noticed it's very common at the beginning of books.