Percy Jackson and the Avengers

Percy Jackson and the Avengers

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Esmeralda Dare By safisarod Completed

When the love of his life is killed in the war against Gaea, Percy runs away and refuses to return to his normal demigod life.

Unfortunately for him, Director Nick Fury decides that Percy is up for grabs, and he does everything in his power to recruit Percy . . . but he has to catch him first. If Percy ever falls into the hands of Director Fury, will he accept the offer to join the Avengers?

Or will he refuse . . . and suffer the consequences?

vanessareads_ vanessareads_ Dec 26, 2016
But I've read so many of these type of crossovers that I should be used to it by now...
ShatteringThe4thWall ShatteringThe4thWall Sep 17, 2016
Most pof them say he's 16 and you say he's 18 but no one actually gets it right and says he is 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NerdyAnimeUnicorn NerdyAnimeUnicorn Oct 10, 2016
Lol so true if you don't have Percy for your enemy you haven't been truly frightened
Goddess_of_the_Seas Goddess_of_the_Seas Nov 06, 2016
Dam right 
                              P.s thor did you write the file then give it hermes to deliver it ?
GeeklyGhostGirl GeeklyGhostGirl Dec 17, 2016
HALP!!!!! IM HAVING A FEELS ATTACK!!!!!!!! HALP ME!!!!!!!!!!
-TheCousinMiguel -TheCousinMiguel Dec 25, 2016
I just imagine this as when the oni stab Allison and Scott caught her