Living with the 6 man whores... Great!

Living with the 6 man whores... Great!

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           "Ewwwww!" I shrieked.

            Instantly, 6 guys appeared in the doorway of the bathroom, looking concerned. They started laughing once they saw what I was holding that had me so freaked out.

            What the hell is this?" I demanded even though I knew exactly knew what it was. A used condom.

            "A condom, ever seen one?" Jeremiah Foster joked. I rolled my eyes.

            "No shit, Sherlock," I said, glaring at him. "Who's is this?"

            "That would be mine," Zeke said, smirking. I gagged.

            "Why the heck is it on the shower floor?" I demanded. He had a grin on his face.

            "Alexis wanted sex in the shower," he said with a shrug. My eyes widened. Gross!


            "You're so sick! Throw away your stuff," I said.

            "Yeah dude. You've scarred my virgin sister," my brother, Hudson, said. I rolled my eyes.


ClairStone0 ClairStone0 Apr 12
Thats not true satan would never have stupid people i know this cause she is my friend and yes satan is a girl 😁
bxaxnxa bxaxnxa Aug 02, 2017
I swear there's a Ryder and Colin in every book🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
MelHaley MelHaley Aug 17, 2017
Lol, that's gross! At least throw it away or throw it at one of them.
Lovemalana Lovemalana May 29, 2017
She says there are 6 of them  my brother included then she lists all the names and puts her brother with them??????
alltimealyssaaa alltimealyssaaa Mar 13, 2017
Ready I'm gonna start a list of wattpad guy names that are over used let's see if we can keep the list going...
                              - Ryder
                              - Asher
                              - Blake
BrunaVieira528182 BrunaVieira528182 Sep 22, 2016
Every frickin story has Ryder usually but Alex or was it Alec he hanged it