Living with the 6 man whores... Great!

Living with the 6 man whores... Great!

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*New story of mine... feedback welcome, but no nasty comments plz :)

           "Ewwwww!" I shrieked.

            Instantly, 6 guys appeared in the doorway of the bathroom, looking concerned. They started laughing once they saw what I was holding that had me so freaked out.

            What the hell is this?" I demanded even though I knew exactly knew what it was. A used condom.

            "A condom, ever seen one?" Jeremiah Foster joked. I rolled my eyes.

            "No shit, Sherlock," I said, glaring at him. "Who's is this?"

            "That would be mine," Zeke said, smirking. I gagged.

            "Why the heck is it on the shower floor?" I demanded. He had a grin on his face.

            "Alexis wanted sex in the shower," he said with a shrug. My eyes widened. Gross!


            "You're so sick! Throw away your stuff," I said.

            "Yeah dude. You've scarred my virgin sister," my brother, Hudson, said. I rolled my eyes.


Every frickin story has Ryder usually but Alex or was it Alec he hanged it
Choked on my donut laughing, when she said he was an insult to the potatoes
Lacrosse_Babe11 Lacrosse_Babe11 Aug 15, 2015
Lol. Yeah well I'm called the blonde haired spawn of satan himself as well so you better watch out.
Lacrosse_Babe11 Lacrosse_Babe11 Aug 09, 2015
This should be good but the funny thing is that one of my guy best friends that i love a lot (in a brotherly sister way) i call him my man whore best friend cause god does that kid go from one to another in a weeks time.
JapaneseGamerGirl JapaneseGamerGirl Aug 04, 2015
Majority of the stories I read online the main girl or her best friend have blonde hair and blue eyes. Does anyone else agree? >.<
AmiiWilk AmiiWilk Jun 24, 2015
She should of been like well when he said -yeah dude your scaring my Virgin sister- (I would of said)*yeah I may be a virgin but at lest im not a man whore!*