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When Slaughter Calls (The Joker) -Book Two of the Psycho Series-

When Slaughter Calls (The Joker) -Book Two of the Psycho Series-

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Ellie By gothicwh0re Completed

It's been three years since the Joker's death. Three years, yet his manic mark remains branded into Gotham. 
Messages, signs and clues are being left for Eliza, screaming the truth which she's blind to.
There's a secret that's being kept, one that's desperate to be told. 
One that will change everything.


-Extract of the book-

Next to me, Bruce's shoulders were slumped. His grip on the steering was tight, his knuckles a sickly shade of yellow. His face was hidden away from me, concealed by the shadows he had befriended many years ago. "I gave you everything Eliza." I could hear it in his voice, I had broken him. I had crushed his vulnerable glass heart between my two hands. "What did I do wrong? What did I fail to do for you?" More tears welled in my eyes as I realised that, after everything, he chose to blame himself instead of blaming me. While unbuckling my seat belt, I sniffed before replying. My words would kill him, I knew it. But I needed to destroy him; I needed him to hate me, so that he'd stay away from me. So that he'd recover. Pulling the ring off of my finger, I opened the car door before turning to face Bruce for the final time.

"I'm sorry, Bruce, you're just not the Joker."

(-This book is written in dedication of Heath Ledger and his amazing performance as the Joker. Rest In Peace.
-I don't own any of DC's characters, however the story line is my idea and the main character is purely of my creation.
-Do not copy.)

When Slaughter Calls Copyright  ©  Ellie Goodson 2017 All Right Reserved. None of the literary work may be reproduced, re-made or used without written consent from the author.

doowneey doowneey Aug 27, 2016
im over here literally rolling because when i read this i read it in tony starks voice and i just.. i need sleep
Curley_Wirley Curley_Wirley Jul 14, 2016
Please updateeee! I love this and you're an awesome writerrrrrrrr!
doowneey doowneey Aug 27, 2016
im rooting for the joker.. but bloody hell that even hurt me.
DanielittaKompus DanielittaKompus Oct 18, 2016
"Even to a guy like me thats coooold" me right now. That hurt.
infernal_stars infernal_stars Aug 11, 2016
"I manipulated her in Arkham, poisoned her to get her out of it, then nursed her back to health, tried to kill her and then gave her a home which she got kicked out of." Yeah. She was living the dream.
Baileythewaffleman Baileythewaffleman Dec 06, 2016
The start of this paragraph made me laugh way too much and I don't know why.