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My First Love //Seulmin//

My First Love //Seulmin//

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ChimChimSeulBear By ChimChimSeulBear Updated Feb 07

-Past Life-
Author POV
A boy named Jimin about seven years old is playing at park in a autumn season. While playing she saw a girl named Seulgi about seven years old. Jimin invited her to join him play, she nod and she smiled at Jimin. The two had fun playing at the park. The two ride the swings, the slides and they even played with the dead leaves. The two had such a great time that they did will never forget. 

Jimin: "Annyeonghaseyo I'm ChimChim"

Jimin said with a smile on his face and stuck out his hands to shake his hands with Seulgi. Without hesitation she shake her hands with Jimin

Seulgi: "Annyeonghaseyo I'm Seulbear"

Just when they got to know each other their parents called them. They both promised each other that they will see each other tomorrow. But what Seulgi did not know is that she will be leaving Korea tomorrow.

-Next Day-
Today is the day that Jimin will see Seulgi again so he was so excited to see Seulgi again. He sat there at the swing waiting for Seulgi to com...

VLoisCompuesto VLoisCompuesto Dec 05, 2016
Ommyggg!!! Can I ask who is the partner of joy in bts I mean in your story...?