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bleed・錆びた鳥籠     :     暗殺教室

          Inhibitions lulled by the dull, confused quenched senses that only fell back to the deep hole of acquired desperation she could only call her own that only resurfaced with surmounting terror by the murky peak of the morning. The light from the small barred window, was growing smaller and smaller to her and her perspective, or maybe she was just extra lethargic and bitter to the world that morning. As she walked with narrowed eyes and looming shadows, she felt herself come undone as she continued to overthink. The decisions she had to make by the end of the day, was eating her alive and well enough dry.

   錆びた鳥籠 [The Rusted Birdcage]
    storyline © 2016 - A.R. Ares (chocobros)
    cover, banners © - Alice (jiminist-) & Shen (serayume)
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I wish you the best of luck and I foresee great things from this story of yours, author-san ≧∇≦
shutouts shutouts Oct 27, 2016
The plot is definitely unique, I must say I got quite bored of fanfictions where the character just randomly spawns near the school and discovers Class 3-E. I like how you're going for the trap character, also. And..... Koro-tou-san!
Creaking_Shadow Creaking_Shadow Oct 30, 2016
Hmm this seems quite interesting. Starting to like this character and her development. Nice work
                              Was that an A-team reference I smell? (。・ω・。)
                              (this comment isn't exactly anything of use but I hope you don't mind)