Save Me (BTS Jimin Fan Fiction) [Completed]

Save Me (BTS Jimin Fan Fiction) [Completed]

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(A/N: Just to let everyone know this is my first time writing a BTS fan fiction, so don't be mad or angry at me if I didn't do good or not.)
Started: 5/2/2016
End: - 7/22/2016

Choi Jessi is a 17-year-old high school student who transfer to Seoul High. On her first day, she suddenly bumps into someone; but not just someone. She bumps into Park Jimin who is the kingka of the school, one of the member of the most popular group in the school, BTS, and flirtiest playboy in the school.

After that day Jimin and Jessi met, there are some thing that Jimin didn't know about Jessi. First one is that Jessi is mute meaning she doesn't speak nor talk at all and the second one is her unknown past but will soon to be discover. After months has passed, Jimin tends to be worry about Jessi more as she come to school all bruised up and wounded and decided to help her. Will Jimin change for this mute girl and will he save Jessi from whatever tragedy she's suffering?

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PureEunoia PureEunoia Jan 30
why did my heart genuinely stop before that...? is that normal....
-wonwon -wonwon May 02, 2016
I bet he's a flirty guy in real life *narrower eyes* I bet he have em girls all over him rn.. I cri I want to be one of em girls *sniffles*