My Teacher ♕ H.S.

My Teacher ♕ H.S.

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She dreamt of him, and that they kissed. Althought it wasn't real, she still would wake up breathless.



hllznlover hllznlover Apr 15
Is the teacher Dominican because we talk the fastest Spanish when compared to other places.
-slutti -slutti Jul 16
I remember when I used to make fun of fangirls and say that they were annoying. But one day in 2013 I was like "let's search up one direction"
The name monica reminds me of that vine where the guy says my nigga
I never had spanish, but out of context it was easy to realize what she wanted. Even more so when I read "copiar" and "Fisiologia" and he gave her the folder. You just have to put one and one together, don't panic immediately.
Im cracking up how I learnt this recently yet I don't remember.
niall_smile_93 niall_smile_93 Apr 14, 2016
If my jumper even says that it's a chonce, then I think it's a chonce