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My Teacher ♕ H.S.

My Teacher ♕ H.S.

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P By kilamniaz Completed

She dreamt of him, and that they kissed. Althought it wasn't real, she still would wake up breathless.



iloveshawnandluke iloveshawnandluke Jul 15, 2016
Three years later and BSE still makes me emotional. 😂😂😂
niall_smile_93 niall_smile_93 Apr 14, 2016
If my jumper even says that it's a chonce, then I think it's a chonce
ISwearWeAre_Infinite ISwearWeAre_Infinite Aug 12, 2016
(this isn't meant to offend i'm just curious) is the spanish wrong because the character doesn't know spanish or is it a mistake from the author?
ISwearWeAre_Infinite ISwearWeAre_Infinite Aug 12, 2016
i always laugh when spanish appears in fanfics bc its always the same and (at least were i leave) we never say señorita JAJAJAJAJAJA
lbbhstyles lbbhstyles Oct 26, 2016
Foda se essa merda tambem mano eu nao sei nem falar inglês direito
Niallerxpaynobro Niallerxpaynobro Sep 12, 2016
"And that, kids is how I met your dad." 
                              ~ Megan Edwards (me)