My Teacher ♕ H.S.

My Teacher ♕ H.S.

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She dreamt of him, and that they kissed. Althought it wasn't real, she still would wake up breathless.



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hllznlover hllznlover Apr 15
Is the teacher Dominican because we talk the fastest Spanish when compared to other places.
-slutti -slutti Jul 16
I remember when I used to make fun of fangirls and say that they were annoying. But one day in 2013 I was like "let's search up one direction"
No comprendo lo siento. (I probably got that wrong 😂😭)
                              You'd think doing spanish lessons for 2 years you'd understand what people say 😂😂
The name monica reminds me of that vine where the guy says my nigga
I never had spanish, but out of context it was easy to realize what she wanted. Even more so when I read "copiar" and "Fisiologia" and he gave her the folder. You just have to put one and one together, don't panic immediately.
Zerrie 😂😂 AnD zAyN iN 1D 😂😂😂 AND JUST 1D BEING TOGETHER 😂😂😂😂