My Teacher ♕ H.S.

My Teacher ♕ H.S.

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She dreamt of him, and that they kissed. Althought it wasn't real, she still would wake up breathless.



Three years later and BSE still makes me emotional. 😂😂😂
If my jumper even says that it's a chonce, then I think it's a chonce
(this isn't meant to offend i'm just curious) is the spanish wrong because the character doesn't know spanish or is it a mistake from the author?
i always laugh when spanish appears in fanfics bc its always the same and (at least were i leave) we never say señorita JAJAJAJAJAJA
lbbhstyles lbbhstyles Oct 26
Foda se essa merda tambem mano eu nao sei nem falar inglês direito
"And that, kids is how I met your dad." 
                              ~ Megan Edwards (me)