Fucked Up Situations (Camren) *EDITING*

Fucked Up Situations (Camren) *EDITING*

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Camila, a very popular and well known cheerleader with a jock boyfriend and lots of cash, meets Lauren, the neighborhood and school badass with a big dick and a fuckboy reputation.

Once meeting, they immediately fall for each other, but Lauren is too stubborn to allow herself to commit. Will they be together?

Lauren G!P

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-colorz -colorz Apr 30
Sigh, I'm gonna cringe so much. I remember when you first wrote this in class.
BreadTrash BreadTrash Jul 02
I threw a book at a teacher once because I wasn't allowed to use the bathroom...
_laurmilaa_ _laurmilaa_ Sep 09
One time in my junior year, someone through a text book across the room and it hit the teachers head. It was low key scary but funny af lol
gotta_lolo gotta_lolo Jul 18
Why would let him kiss your cheek. Who knows where those lips have been. He's also in serious need of chapstick.
LaucySexual LaucySexual Aug 03
Lmao wtf sike bitch good job lauren now throw a chair at austin😂😂😂😂😂
birdtrap birdtrap Jul 24
oop am i finally gon get that dinah/lauren fight i always hoped for 👀