In the Hands of the Enemy ~Sequel to 'Captivity'~ (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

In the Hands of the Enemy ~Sequel to 'Captivity'~ (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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Daughter of The Big3 By DemigodInTraining Updated Jul 10, 2018

The Second Titan War is over and everything is peaceful. Everyone is happy. Sure, a new prophesy has been issued, but it shouldn't be something they should worry about. Right? It probably wouldn't even occur in their generation. Right? 

They couldn't have been more wrong.

Luke was happy. He regretted the choice he made to join Kronos, and he was paying for it by taking Dionysus' place at Camp Half-Blood. However, Luke didn't care. Not one bit. Why? Because he got to be with his new boyfriend, Percy Jackson. That is, until the gods got involved. Again.

Percy was happy. He had managed to defeat Kronos and save Luke. He had a boyfriend now, Luke Castellan. There was another prophesy, but that's okay. It's probably not even about him. Yeah, right. He wakes up with a bunch of wolves with no memory except of one person, Luke Castellan, and a promise. "No one will ever be able to hurt you again. I promise." What God did he piss off this time? What did he need to do now? And that promise, would whoever made it be able to keep it?

Sequel to 'Captivity (A Percy Jackson fanfiction)'