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roxann By roxann_season Updated Oct 12, 2016

Two lost Souls.
Sawyer Romano: the new girl. 
  Kalani Reed: the church girl. 
  Jesse Crawford: the athlete.
  Mya Jones: the teen mom. 
  Isaac "Bear" Jones: the incarcerated father. 
  Atticus Rigby: the victim. 
  Caitlin King: the bullied teen. 
  Lachlan King: the caring and selfless older brother. 
  Allison King: the "Kings Queen."
  Hudson King: the shady excuse of a brother. 
  Cameron and Addison King: the grieving parents. 
  Grayson King: the wrongfully convicted murderer. 
  Viola Braxton: the master manipulator. 
  Derby, California: the corrupt town.
  Strong, stubborn, brave and altruistic Sawyer Romano, a high school senior, has left her family after they fled for their safety, and is heading to Derby, California.
  After a sheltered life, she's in for an adventure beyond her imagination, a love - deep and soul shattering with a broken man - she didn't expect and friends she'll do anything for by the end of senior year...
  One of those friends is Mya Jones, unknown supernatural that lives in Derby, California with her two year old daughter, raising her with the help of a family that took her in when her grandmother died. At just eighteen years old, a senior in high school on her way to an Ivy League school, she has her whole life ahead of her if only things would for once go the way she wanted. But life, however, doesn't always go as planned. 
  With the support of Sawyer, the new mystery girl boarding next door, will Mya's life finally come full circle and gain some order? Will her daughters fathers' return cause mayhem adding to her already broken, and now shielded heart??

ndayo2 ndayo2 Oct 08, 2016
😭 this is so unfair. Way too overwhelming to be a prologue, but 😭😭💔
                              Decided to read Shattered whilst waiting for an update for Loving Ashlynn
margaux86 margaux86 Oct 03, 2016
Wattpad 😊😊😊😊 start with the old version of unexpected then so on 😊
Kiri16Rojas Kiri16Rojas Aug 18, 2016
You should have told his parents because they might have gotten Hudson to tell the truth
ScarlettGie ScarlettGie Dec 27, 2016
Found HFM in someone's (I forget who lol) reading list, from that, I go to other books, after this I plan to read loving ashlen? ashley? Yeah, I forget the title 😅
carpathian12 carpathian12 Sep 17, 2016
I love all the books in this series. I have read all of them twice already waiting patiently for undivided and the rest of loving Ashlynn and shattered. You are very gifted writer. Take all the time you need to finish the series, the wait is worth it
crazzygurl1313 crazzygurl1313 Sep 20, 2016
I found the series on wattpad. No recommendation. I liked how it sounded and now I love your books