The Wedding | pjm•kth

The Wedding | pjm•kth

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Taehyung didn't know it would hurt that much to see Jimin standing at the altar with someone else


GENRE: angst, romance 


cheejicake original storyline:

This story and ideas in it are completely made up from my messed up brain so any similarities are either coincidence or there's someone in the world who thinks like me. I don't believe in copying other writers work

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Amaru_Aru Amaru_Aru Dec 06, 2017
Im dead ... Please let me alive for a moment after i read 3 books of angst in a row
KyeoptaBlaxk KyeoptaBlaxk Dec 13, 2017
can't she walk...
                              always yerim yerim yerim yerim yerim yerim500000000000000000x
rainbovelvet rainbovelvet Nov 19, 2017
ooohhh he has to marry a woman that’s okay 
                              but wait he‘s bi
                              that’s okay he loves taehyung it’s okay
ji-mi-nie-pa-bo ji-mi-nie-pa-bo Dec 18, 2017
why tf would you guys want him to help prepare his ex's wedding?