Broken Minds, Desolated Hearts - A Percy Jackson AU

Broken Minds, Desolated Hearts - A Percy Jackson AU

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I am a Potato By Miss_Crippsy Updated May 06, 2016

|| Percy Goes Insane AU || Two-Shot ||

Insanity is curious. It thrives on the hope of a being. It smashes out reality and replaces it with nightmares, visions and the feeling of failure. It can appear in the most unlikely of events or when someone is at their weakest. 

It was a sick ending. A long torturous ending. It not only destroyed the diagnosed but effected those around them. There was nothing you could do to save someone who was on the brink between reality and insanity.

Percy Jackson fell and no one was there to pick him back up.



WARNING: T/M rating (violent themes, see tags)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus series, they belong to the wonderful Rick Riordan. Song lyrics are Jet Black Heart by 5 Seconds of Summer and Doll House by Melanie Martinez.

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7h1nk3r 7h1nk3r May 09
Oh! Don't mind me. I didn't need my heart anyway. Don't worry about it.
Alkina1441 Alkina1441 Mar 07
I agree with BlueBooksLover. It took me 40 mins before I stopped crying. Can you make Percy come back?
Certified_Awesomness Certified_Awesomness Jul 07, 2017
The song goes so well with the story. I cried throught the whole thing.
UponUsOnce UponUsOnce Apr 24
Percy you’re so crazy you can’t even rhyme. This is sad.
FromHB FromHB May 23
X. , ,x ,  x,  x,, xxx  x. Xx.       X x ,    ,    ,  ,    ,      ,   x  ,  x.   , ,x,  ,,,  , xxx,x.      , c.d.s.-, xxx
FromHB FromHB May 23
Xx,x. X x x. Xx x xx,,   x.   ,  x.          , x x xx.  Xx  x   , x.  X.     ,  x x xx.   X.   X  xx c     x. X,   xXxX xx x.  X ,          xx xx.   ,    ,    ,  x