When the Stars Align -  A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

When the Stars Align - A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

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Percy Jackson struggles under the weight of so many deaths, so much misery. Annabeth Chase barely keeps her boyfriend's sanity together by a thread. But after such a long journey through hell can both demigods pull through to the end? If one falls will the other follow?

Meanwhile the crew struggle to reunite the Greeks and Romans with their fighter and thinker suffering from nightmares and their greatest fears. Read as they fight their way to the main battle, with or without the guidance of the Gods.

"There are some things even the strongest of demigods can't survive."

 -----> insert from I : JASON 

"He was afraid of water. Of drowning.
How can a son of Poseidon drown? 
In his own misery."

 -----> insert from II : PERCY


DISCLAIMER: Irregular updates but I'll try to update often.  Spoilers for both PJO and HoO. Read at your own risk! I do not own Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus, they are Rick Riordan's.


You're not but I know who is
                              *adjusts head to the right side facing he camera*
                              Will Solace
Nico may not be a son of Apollo, but he is dating one. Okay, now I'm just being a weirdo. But seriously, long live #solangelo.
SonOfFear SonOfFear May 07
If this chapter had a name it would probably be: I'll look after you bro.
extrnalove extrnalove May 14
This is amazing (I'm sure you didn't need me to tell you that)