Owen Grady X Velociraptor!Reader

Owen Grady X Velociraptor!Reader

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ImagineLover123 By ImagineLover123 Updated May 15, 2016

S/c= scale colour.

Y/n= your name.

E/c= eye colour.
Opening your e/c reptile eyes, you were blinded by a very bright white light. Squinting, you looked around to get your eyes used to this bright light. When your e/c eyes adjusted to the light, you saw strange things walking around. They heard you make a squeaky bark and they made there way towards you." What do you think? Will she be able to join the other raptors? " one of the strings things said. Tilting your head, you made another bark and walked a bit closer.

     ~~~~~~~ A year later ~~~~~~~

Running as fast as you could, you dodged the obstacles that got in your way as you chase down the delicious looking pink pig. Eager to get it, you ran past your running partner, Echo, who was at the back of pack. Making a bark she called you to get back." Y/n, get back! Blue is going to get mad!" Ignoring her, you ran past Charlie, ignoring her call as well, then, you past out Delta. As the hung...

I swear the way he talks to them is so funny 😂 like Hey You! I-I see you! Back the f up!