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My Developer[Developer¡Yandere DevXReader]

My Developer[Developer¡Yandere DevXReader]

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LoveRandomness By LoveRandomness Completed

"Your Yandere Dev?!"


YN has recently went to the game store to see the new Hitman released.There was only one left,once she reaches she meant with another.Thats when she meant a black haired male,named Alex.They slowly becomes friends,once YN found something  about him interesting.How will she react once she founds out..s but more than expected

Aaaaaw..... So sweet!!  
                              (Sorry dirty minds.. But mine ain't that dirty)
Xx-Katelyn-xX Xx-Katelyn-xX Oct 03, 2016
                              *Five seconds later, the opposing person throws a box and my nose begins to bleed.*
                              omg ur meen im telling my mum ;(
                              *walkz away crying
Chip_Tip Chip_Tip Feb 22
NU UH HONEY BOO BOO. *holding a shield that says hope in it*
                              I GOT HOPE ON MY SIDE AND WITH HOPE NOTHING CAN GO- *they take the shield away from me* Wroooong..? 
                              *they start hitting me with the shield* THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE INSPIRATIONAL!
zanemau115 zanemau115 Oct 26, 2016
Nicr im really active I slap boys as soon as I see a boy even come close to my locker in real life
He knows how to maintain our fangirl on the inside
                              Nice, keep him
MeliR2608 MeliR2608 Jul 03, 2016
                              -you can have it :)
                              -it's ok take it
                              -I said you can have it 
                              -nah I'm good
                              - I SAID , YOU C A N. H A V E. I T
                              -YOU WILL TAKE IT *slaps person withh disc*