My Developer. [Yandere DevXReader] [I] {UNDER EDITING}

My Developer. [Yandere DevXReader] [I] {UNDER EDITING}

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YandereDev X Female¡ Reader

"You're Yandere Dev?!"


Today's the day, on where the new game to the franchise 'Hitman' is released. (Y/N) thought it would be a good idea to check if there's any nearby. Luckily, there's only one left.

However, only to come across a male wanting the game as well.

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What do you think he needs it for? Tp create a betyer yandere persona.. Duh :/
SakuraYuri307 SakuraYuri307 Nov 28, 2017
*cracks knuckles and neck* I would like you to know that, I've never lost a fight. Good luck.
ThatOneLmao ThatOneLmao Apr 14, 2017
Aaaaaw..... So sweet!!  
                              (Sorry dirty minds.. But mine ain't that dirty)
Evonacht Evonacht Dec 11, 2017
He just said have fun, wtf do u guy think weird about this sentence???
MeliR2608 MeliR2608 Jul 03, 2016
                              -you can have it :)
                              -it's ok take it
                              -I said you can have it 
                              -nah I'm good
                              - I SAID , YOU C A N. H A V E. I T
                              -YOU WILL TAKE IT *slaps person withh disc*
AckermanMilkCompany AckermanMilkCompany Nov 26, 2016
Lolool did anyone else think 'Roy' From Don't Hug Me I'm Scared? I know I did.