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Sonia_Francesca By Sonia_Francesca Updated Sep 30, 2016

Nineteen year-old Robelle was living a simple and quiet life with her family at a small and very remote barangay. Things turned upside down when a group of unusual creatures showed up and tried to kill them. Robelle fought back, despite the fact that she doesn't know a thing about fighting. But she did, and she won. She felt like fighting was the most natural thing for her. Things got even more confusing when she saw her mother fought like she had been a seasoned warrior. Her very own timid, shy and soft-spoken mother...crushed her opponents with the agility and strength Robelle had never seen before.

Who was her mother?

And why did she fight the way her mother did?

What's wrong with her?

Who was she?

Who are THEY?

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016lianne 016lianne Aug 29, 2017
If only my husband would be contented, I'd rather have this kind of life, living in this kind of place and spending nights like this. If only simplicity & contentment have the same meaning in his vocabulary. 😔 But life is life, and love is love..
beshygrace beshygrace May 22, 2016
Aaannggg gaaandaaa...!!! Idol na idol talaga kita ms. Sonia!
pardsko26 pardsko26 May 18, 2016
so excited to read the rest of your stories ms. sonia. im a huge fan! you have a very unique technique in writing that keeps me want to read all your books! very fun and interesting!
black_soul black_soul Jun 02, 2016
Hi po . May nq publish n po ba sa club x series ? May pag kasunod2 po ba ito?