Memory » draco x reader

Memory » draco x reader

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1-800-RIDDLE By readikkulus Updated Aug 16

He is the only one willing to save her.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and he will do anything.  But in the end, what could a boy who had no choice his whole life do?

 [extended synopsis inside]
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fun-forever fun-forever Oct 07
lol this killed me 
                              "voldemort in disguise "  "what if he's a demon"
Boooy why you gotta go and tug on my heart strings like thay
fetuskoalas fetuskoalas Oct 02
thank you neville for losing ur toad (that's one of the reason why did the golden trio met at the first place tho)
Don't worry I'm always mushy when it comes to love so I have no room to complain! 😇
peachiieeh peachiieeh Nov 26
I had a box of bean boozled back then with a couple of friends and I picked out a peach one only to find out it was vomit flavoured
toxic_mya toxic_mya Aug 19
I've got tears in mah eyes!  That was so freaking good! And sad... BUT GOOD