Juvia's change

Juvia's change

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Juvia has her heart shattered to peices by lucy and gray and leaves the fairy tail guild with gajeel and joins sabertooth and found out that they are siblings and their mother was a dragon. They changed their names to _____ __________ and _____ _______. It is a harem.They earned all the magics on earth and--

Sorry that's enough and I can't tell their names and read the story to find out!! 

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It makes me sad to hear someone cutting themselves, I personally would never have the guts to do that to myself I care about my self to much
What if Juvia never left with Gajeel, would she have  written a letter to him?
Fck you Lucy for forgetting my favorite character's name and broke her heart
...omm...I read this like 5 times already and I just love these types of stories so much😂