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My Cinderella Story (Be Mine Again)

My Cinderella Story (Be Mine Again)

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K00lios is K00lios By k00lios Updated Mar 19


Love. To some it's a new beginning, a fairytale in its making, something that brings two people together. To others, it's a pain, emotions that one day will end, a threat to one's sanity. 

A once confident, joyous overweight teenage girl, Amelia Catherina Lovell, had her world turn upside down with the deaths of her parents. Living with her evil step brother, and going to college with the devil himself, Christian Zain, she tries her best balancing both lives with a positive outlook.

I stare at the water crashing violently at the dark jagged rocks below. The streams of tears falling loosely blending in with the pouring rain tasted like sea water upon touching my lips. 

"I've lost everything mom. I just can't go on anymore." My cries were drown by the raging storm of the sky and sea below. "Neither heaven or hell wants me." 

After holding on for so long, I finally decided to release the pain and anger to the world. The screams came loud and pierce right through the winds. 

After releasing all the pent up pain and anger from my mind and body, I felt weak. "I'm coming home to you mom. I'm coming to find you." My voice was barely audible and breathless. 
Taking careful steps closer to the edge of the cliff regulating my breathing and sobs. Looking down I begin to count. One...two...three...jump. 

*Contains mild language, sexual content, and abuse throughout*

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laraib8 laraib8 May 06, 2016
They r definitely up to something n looking forward to see what's Christians plan is 😕😕😕btw yh lool I caught the reference 😂😂😂😂
Alexandra98629862 Alexandra98629862 May 02, 2016
Plz update
                              The first chapter is awesome and im sure the rest will be too