I'll Save You | ItaNaru [UNDER EDITING]

I'll Save You | ItaNaru [UNDER EDITING]

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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ By MikunaSui Completed

"Why would I go back there? He...He saved me from the horrible life I was experiencing!" 

"He?" Sasuke stared at Naruto intently.

"Itachi! He said to me that day.." Naruto trailed off. "He said, 'I'll save you. I'll save you from them!'" Naruto grabbed Itachi's hand and held it tightly.


Go read the sequel "Chained" when you're done ;D

rip cover photo quality

Little bit of SasuNaru included,but only a bit. 

Naruto has been abused,tortured,and all of the above for years,and he finally decides to leave. Thinking about it,he decided upon joining the Akatsuki,yet Kurama highly dislikes his decision. Suddenly,a mysterious figure approaches the two from the shadows and invites them,starting the blonde's action filled life.

Okay,so,basically this is an apology story for my deletion of every single of my published stories. I will remake every one of them,I promise! It was torture for me to be forced into deleting my horrid stories that had over 100 views,but I'll do my best to try and redo them! Damn you big sisters

vonlane vonlane Oct 03, 2016
Hahaha I have it in my library but the itanaru book I'm writing doesn't come out till next year 😂 I'll use a different one
Kyuubi_Girl Kyuubi_Girl May 28, 2016
yea that's rite! They don't deserve you! They all deserve 2 DIE!!
Zeit_Schutze Zeit_Schutze Oct 03, 2016
Are you a friend of @vonlane ? I'm just wondering because so many popular accounts that I follow knows @vonlane and I just Wattpad this year so I'm curious