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More To You Than That (Zane x Reader)

More To You Than That (Zane x Reader)

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a c t u a l   g a r b a g e By humanlusus Completed

Y/n moved to a new neighborhood, and she met someone. No, not "OMG BFFS 4EVA" someone. "I will love you until I die" someone. But, she's not sure that he feels the same way. He may be a jerk, but that's just the surface. Underneath all of that hate, there's a big softy who doesn't know how to deal with feelings. Y/n is in for quite the experience, and all she knows is:

There's more to him than that.

Ok where do u get that I need it for summer, I hate when my face is affected by it
Me: stop being such a freaking pussy!
                              Y/n: b-but I-
                              Me:*evil glare*
                              Y/n: *shrinks back in fear*
@MoriartytheWerewolf this reminds me of Rachel in her everyday life XD
Can you buy the mask in real life because if you can were do you find it
This is a need not a want 
                              ANY YAASSS Y/N IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL 😂😂😂😜😘
Me but I'm shippy 
                              I've fallen off the couch more times than I can count for likely one of these reasons:
                              A) extreme fangirling (rare)
                              B) In pursuit of food (uncommon)
                              C) my mom is making me do something and I don't wanna get off the couch but I have to (common)