Star Born | Featured

Star Born | Featured

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✨ Tia Hu ✨ By pendustblue Completed

Fallen stars never stay on earth. 

Such is the case of sixteen-year-old Carmen Esmaier, citizen of planet Terra and daughter of two of its most revered heroes. Shielded by her vigilante of an aunt since her parents' deaths, Carmen doesn't dare mention her dream of following in their footsteps and joining the army. 

But that all changes when a team of scouts arrives at the colony to host a contest, the prize being a coveted position in the army. For Carmen, that doesn't just mean soldiership and escape from her aunt, but a chance to work with Casper Conduir, her childhood hero...and perhaps something more than that.

It doesn't matter that she'll have to navigate a jungle of carnivorous trees and the discrimination of half the colony just to get to the contest. It doesn't matter that she arrives an hour late, nor that she has no weapon. 

After all, she just needs to fight for her happily ever after, and it'll come...right?


Cover by @Homely8