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Hidden Pain ~Ohshc Fanfic~

Hidden Pain ~Ohshc Fanfic~

27.6K Reads 1K Votes 14 Part Story
ღ❦Midnight❦ღ By JessicaGutierrez977 Completed

Zane Kakashi was once a happy,loving boy until his parents stopped loving him.Why you may ask...they hated him because of his appearance.Zane didn't look one bit like them.He got abused and then was forced to run away to save his own life.He lives on his own and attends a private school named Ouran Academy.

Will he forget about the pain he went through?
Will the host club get to him?
Will he change people's lives for the best?

That is typically racists in a nutshell! I know I've had to ride the public bus to school before,one of the dudes was a huge jerk.
caity-devil788 caity-devil788 Nov 20, 2016
His parents are mad that he doesn't look like them because, they look like chickens with a nipples for feet, some ass drunk guys left nut for a head, and stung toe jam for hair, while he's a sexy mother f#cker!
FlowerStudios FlowerStudios Aug 28, 2016
I dunno why, but Zane sounds like the name you'd give a kid with black hair. Is that just me?
Lee_Taemin Lee_Taemin Oct 04, 2016
You know the story's gonna be good when author-nim mentions Kpop ^_^
DisneyLober1000 DisneyLober1000 Dec 24, 2016
It doesn't matter if he doesn't look like them up don't abuse him
Crystaleye3 Crystaleye3 Feb 17
probably because your wife had an affair, ever thought of that or did you think that you 2-inch dick could impregnate her