The Broken R (Damian Wayne Fanfiction)

The Broken R (Damian Wayne Fanfiction)

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✟The Huntress✟ By TheOfficial_Huntress Completed

"Don't call me bratty unless you get to know me."

Lucy Grayson is the daughter of Dick and Eliana Grayson.  But when she learned that her grandfather had another son which she never knew about.  

Lucy is not so eager to meet him.  Not knowing that he was at right behind a wall listening to everything.

Damian has been through a lot, so is Lucy going to be able to fix this bird or break him?

All rights go to DC comics.  I only own the kids and Eliana belongs to me!

BookWormGeekyNess BookWormGeekyNess Jun 15, 2016
He's sleeps around, even though he is married to Diana in this book right?
BookWormGeekyNess BookWormGeekyNess Jun 15, 2016
Like you said before you might not believe to see the end as creepy as that sounds
Xx_Batgirl101_xX Xx_Batgirl101_xX May 31, 2016
Don't call Damian a Demon... 
                              Unless it's absolutely necessary
KyleeRen2001 KyleeRen2001 May 16, 2016
Great chapter :) But I have one question : Did you wanted to write ' father let go of me and I punched the living sh*t out of that guy.' or did Bruce really beat that kid up so badly ? ( Sorry I forgot that your not allowed to use swearwords in the comments ;) )