You Aren't Alone (Mark X Reader)

You Aren't Alone (Mark X Reader)

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This is a little Resident Enis themed story. By themed I mean story following book. I'm keeping things as close as I can to the original musical but you know, I might have to go ahead if it takes too long. Anyways, here's a short description below! \/

Monsters are everywhere. The apocalypse is worse than we had thought, with more than just zombies. We knew about the madness that was going to occur, but not what it would be caused by. Now with a world of monsters we all find ourselves. Or lose ourselves. 

Disclaimer!! I don't own Resident Enis or any of the characters. Or the music, I don't won that either.

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Dodger: But Mark's creepy and weird.
                              Mark: hey! 
                              Dodger: and we still like him, huh?
Some idiotic reason told it would be Markimoo but then again, CURLY HAIR...... my idiotic reason didn't think.
JACKPOT! Omg that was a YT pun. JACKpot. JSE- okay I'm done.
My friend (who looks exactly like mark) works there and gets me in free XD