30 Day Smut Challenge (Phan) // Nan_Towell

30 Day Smut Challenge (Phan) // Nan_Towell

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Nan_Towell By Nan_Towell Updated May 18

Day 1: meeting and seeing the other naked

Day 2: making out

Day 3: love bites, hickeys and grinding

Day 4: masturbation  

Day 5: teasing 

Day 6: handjobs and blowjobs

Day 7: phone sex

Day 8: fingering 

Day 9: rimming

Day 10: pure sex

Day 11: morning sex

Day 12: 69

Day 13: sex on a chair

Day 14: dom/sub

Day 15: strip tease

Day 16: daddy

Day 17: age difference 

Day 18: wall sex

Day  19: spanking

Day 20: cross-dressing

Day 21: public sex

Day 22: outdoors

Day 23: role-play

Day 24: quickie

Day 25: shower sex

Day 26: rough sex

Day 27: bdsm

Day 28: double-penetration 

Day 29: over-simulation 

Day 30: free choice 


When Dan and Phil decided to join a TV show to gain money for sex, they had no idea what they got themselves into.

I'm a offended pan I will by you round be head wih my spirit utensil
ofc phil tops don't tell me the twink with the kanye shirt doesn't take it up the ass