Bestfriend (JiKook) #Wattys2016

Bestfriend (JiKook) #Wattys2016

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ChimMochi By ChiminieOppa Completed

What if you fell for your bestfriend? And you always ended up getting hurt. What will you do? 

I will send my love to him until the last day I will see him -Park Jimin 

Thats crazy! I never fell for my bestfriend -Jeon Jungkook 

A story were Jimin fell for his bestfriend and started posting sticky notes on his bestfriend's locker(Jungkook) knowing that he only have a few days left to be with him. And Jungkook being inlove with someone while he didnt know he was hurting his bestfriend, also he happily enjoys the note he receives from his secret admirer. 

Another JiKook story~ 
@YoungjaeOppaIsLove signing in ^^

MaureenSaligumba MaureenSaligumba Nov 27, 2016
No your not ugly your the most precious thing ive ever seen your cute smile your eyes that disappears when you smile your height your cheeks everything about is precious <3
Ayiianna Ayiianna Oct 21, 2016
It'll be "yeah I'll come with u" bcs I'm pretty sure He'll see jk and tae together nsoquhshe FRUSTRATING
eiidee eiidee Jul 05, 2016
I'm still weeping from the previous story i read, looks like i'm about to torture myself more
jjkthyung jjkthyung Jan 11
I legit think this is what Jimin through about himself before he was a trainee :(
synsodyn synsodyn Oct 25, 2016
Why but not speak korea I'm not understand pease you are stupid
xSunmii xSunmii Jul 01, 2016
Okay but Jungkook looks super cute in the cover.. whERE CAN I FIND THIS PHOTO 😍😍😍