Bestfriend (JiKook) #Wattys2016

Bestfriend (JiKook) #Wattys2016

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What if you fell for your bestfriend? And you always ended up getting hurt. What will you do? 

I will send my love to him until the last day I will see him -Park Jimin 

Thats crazy! I never fell for my bestfriend -Jeon Jungkook 

A story were Jimin fell for his bestfriend and started posting sticky notes on his bestfriend's locker(Jungkook) knowing that he only have a few days left to be with him. And Jungkook being inlove with someone while he didnt know he was hurting his bestfriend, also he happily enjoys the note he receives from his secret admirer. 

Another JiKook story~ 
@YoungjaeOppaIsLove signing in ^^

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jimin if your fat and ugly then I can’t imagine what kinda monster I look like.
these comments are honestly annoying. tae is just childish but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t smart. i know he wouldn’t see these or even understand it but that doesn’t mean you guys can just call him dumb 🙄.
chimpotato_ chimpotato_ Mar 11
Yo, Vkook is my ship rival man. My memories between my anime is also like that.😂😂
nigga shut yo ass up thats why u need glasses cause ur blind u cant see ur b00tYFul
miraStelta miraStelta Feb 06
I feel like im gonna cry at the end of the story but still gonna read it