Murky Waters

Murky Waters

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Sequel to The Siren and the Pirate, so if you haven't read that go read it now. Billdip story, Bill's a siren and Dipper's the captain of his own ship. Seemingly cursed waters in their way, want to take the risk? But the question is, is that water cursed, or enchanted?  

Strong Language
Possible Smut


Me in the morning Bill
                              Mom: morning sleeping beauty (she only does that cause she knows I like Disney)
                              Me: *(I look just like you just described Bill)*
Dan_Kim105 Dan_Kim105 Oct 01
I am a healthy 19 year old with the back of a grandmother -.- it's so annoying. Worse is I am in orchestra. I should have perfect posture but it just hurts worse. I blame the two lumps of fat on my chest!!!!
Yeah. It's safe for creatures of the sea. Not for ships and humans XD
Pepperam Pepperam Jun 14
Yah, I didn't. I was like, "yah, it probably just has those bxb warnings and stuff". So I started reading the book, and it said "go read the description!" So I was like, "yep. Yepyepyepyep yepitty yep yep. Very sorry, miss."
Read it. Saw this. Thought I missed somethin'. Reread it. Realized I'm just weird and read descriptions first before reading stories (not many people do this?!)
Me: Dip Dop's teasing Bill now? Reminds of a certain couple.....*looks at Bill and dip*
                              Dip: We are NOT a couple!
                              Bill: oh come on pine tree we are!
                              Dip: we are not!
                              *their debate goes on as I sneakily prepare something to create a billdip moment later*