Murky Waters

Murky Waters

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BD4L By BillDipFourLife Updated May 09, 2017

There's something in those waters, lads. Something dangerous. Something far beyond the human thoughts. Something absolutely wild. So I leave you with these words:
Beware the Beast of Pirate's Bay. 

Strong Language


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KittyPet-Kun KittyPet-Kun Jun 10, 2017
XD aparently Tad names his things like "My cup" , " my cat", "my house","myship".
whereami_ whereami_ Oct 23, 2017
DIPPER! RAPE HIM! I WANNA SEE SOME SMUT! never saw me because ...
                              REALITY IS AN ILLUSION
                              THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLOGRAM
                              BUY GOLD
whereami_ whereami_ Oct 23, 2017
YESSS!! sorry for my enthusiasm of billdip smuts....I just can't help it T^T....I'm so sorry
Enasni_Ohcysp Enasni_Ohcysp Jul 18, 2017
I really want them to go to that magical and cursed place so Bill can magically become human...
whereami_ whereami_ Oct 23, 2017
XDDD I'm starting to love this. First, cause of what the author does; second, cause ITS BILLDIP!
bandforlife0219 bandforlife0219 Mar 06, 2017
I have a major back problem where i have to have a back brace unril the end of April