Four Years Lost, Together Forever (G×G)

Four Years Lost, Together Forever (G×G)

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Jade Swine and Alex Ferguson we together for three years. Jade is 26 and Alex is 20, during those three years they both fell deeply in love. Nothing could separate them except Alex hasn't told her family she's gay, or the fact that she has a girlfriend, or that her girlfriend could her pregnant if they both wanted.

It wasn't that big of a problem for Jade, she loved Alex no matter what. That is until one day Alex decides to break everything off between them without any explanation, leaving Jade heartbroken and bitter.

One day while Jade travels to England for work, she stumbles upon an orphanage where she finds out about Alex's secret. 

Continue reading to find out what happens.

Disclaimer: Contains scenes of domestic violence and abuse as well as other things. If you don't like it please don't read. READ AT OWN RISK.

  • abandoned
  • abuse
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  • futanari
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asyosa asyosa Aug 30
So she is a trans ? Wats d diff btwn trans and hermaphrodite ?? Or they are the same ?? I'm still not getting around it !! Pls feel free to explain me :D
We aren't even that introduced to the characters yet and I feel like crying over this scene.
ivygidoti ivygidoti Nov 23
Wooow it's a great story and wow looking forward to read more of your work
kouffuy kouffuy Jul 02
Oh her locks her locks, thank god not the other thing is thick
kouffuy kouffuy Jul 02
Me : boi, new story 
                              Me : *reads the tags*
                              Me : *gets that the story is gonna be hot so watch out*
                              Me : *selects 1st chapter*
                              Me : *reads the sentence*
                              Me : *suddenly an image of a girl moaning*
                              Me : uhm...
sam_sam16 sam_sam16 Jun 04, 2016
I'm starting to work on the next chapter so just bare with me.