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❤Deedee❤ By Deedeenjames Updated Nov 10, 2016

I Deedee Winston fell in love with a gang leader and of course he was the most feared. But I Deedee Winston some how got kidnapped by him since he didn't want to share me with everyone. He has three rules.

1. Don't talk back.

2. Do as he say.

3. Don't be nosey.

If any of the rules are broken I am bent over his lap while I get a 'well deserve' spanking

Thankfully I have Italian and Irish hair so I can straighten my hair. But of course the Jamaican in me always makes it curly again by the time I go to wash it.
I'm black and Puerto Rican to so I understand what your talking about
I'm Haitian and Jamaican so I don't really have that problem if I keep them in braids
jackym727 jackym727 Mar 10
I'm Mexican cannot do anything with it! I can't even straighten it.👩🏽<-- they need a curly haired emoji.
xBlanklessx xBlanklessx Jun 01
Wait, does this mean she isn't content with her boyfriend? She seemed to be dreaming about someone else...
maverick2K17 maverick2K17 Sep 08, 2016
Just its not proper English im not trying to be mean because it is a good book i am having a good time reading