Pure bred (Revising)

Pure bred (Revising)

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Cloud Quinn By minecraftgirl376 Completed

When a girl named Samantha Winters is born with white hair she is the only person in the Winters family that has ever existed with white hair. On her first week of school, after 16 years of home schooling, she finds that she is different from everyone else (NOT only because she is a WEREWOLF) and she also finds something else you will just have to read to find out    :D  hope ya like it and this is my first story ever so sry if it doesn't make any sense  :D    THE FIRST 5 CHAPTERS ARENT THAT GOOD SO PLZ READ THROUGH THOSE BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO STOP READING OR NOT

~The sequel is called Spirit Bred~ 

Revisions are on Sundays.

  • comedy
  • romance
  • scifi
  • supernatural
  • werewolf
My little Minecraft brother loves Minecraft if you look at his wardrobe all he has is Minecraft shirts
khxirxl_nxr khxirxl_nxr May 10, 2017
Honestly, I'm not sure. Because I don't play games. But I want to read till the end.
Wiccan_Princess Wiccan_Princess Mar 20, 2017
Hey, major legend of zelda fan right here. I have every game and will continue to get every game in the future. I'll be like 80 yrs old and still kicking Ganondorf's a$$! Lmbo
mimazz_2005 mimazz_2005 May 29, 2017
Woah,.. Imagine your friend be like when they see you they're like gawking at you and your mother and said, "I wish I had a mother as cool as yours!"
Koffee_KatYT Koffee_KatYT Jun 26, 2016
I loved it when she said "I'm going to have fun and this school" that just SLAYED me!!!
IzayaOu IzayaOu Mar 18, 2016
The dream was awkward. And too weird. The way you write it that is.. No offense