Trying Too Hard [Bunny Love Story]

Trying Too Hard [Bunny Love Story]

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What you're about to read isn't just a story. It's not a simple novel or sequel to some ridiculous fanfiction. This isn't even a work of fiction at all. For me, this was a little too real..

If you think really hard, you might even learn something about these useless words your brain is absorbing. This could teach you much more than being packed in a classroom forced to memorize mathematic functions and what country was blamed for World War II. 

This is the study of mind, and I will try my best to explain the series of events that led to my overall dilemma. Including the reason I watch Kenneth McCormick so closely sometimes.

My second time reading this because I'm bored and also extremely desperate for some gay-
ltnkopi ltnkopi Apr 02
Okay, i don't empathize with many characters, but Butters is just one of those special characters I can't stand seeing hurt. Does this mean I have a heart?
You practically get in trouble for breathing butters, I hope they don't find out
GalaxyYouth GalaxyYouth Nov 03, 2016
Baby Butters, I know this is very sad so cry out
                              Like I did
                              *sorrowfully happy smile*
GalaxyYouth GalaxyYouth Nov 03, 2016
The eye is because you look and cry? The darkness that surrounds you, blood shots your eye and makes you water up like an onion is in front of? Because your dearest love don't notice and you can't go by just saying you like them, so you cry away the pain, while it's in your tears
Kiwi_1300 Kiwi_1300 Oct 31, 2016
I like to whisper "I love you coffee" and then cry while drinking some because I don't like sleeping XD