Trying Too Hard [Bunny Love Story]

Trying Too Hard [Bunny Love Story]

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What you're about to read isn't just a story. It's not a simple novel or sequel to some ridiculous fanfiction. This isn't even a work of fiction at all. For me, this was a little too real..

If you think really hard, you might even learn something about these useless words your brain is absorbing. This could teach you much more than being packed in a classroom forced to memorize mathematic functions and what country was blamed for World War II. 

This is the study of mind, and I will try my best to explain the series of events that led to my overall dilemma. Including the reason I watch Kenneth McCormick so closely sometimes.

- - Jan 08
I’m getting a Some Boys Are Monsters vibe here and I’m not liking it one bit.
It sounds like the person is reporting this in front of class...
PhanIsAmazingFire PhanIsAmazingFire Dec 19, 2017
heres a list of things you could've done butters:
                              make a note and put it in his locker or under his door
                              make your friends say the things for you
                              or literally just confess
me every night but i whisper "where's kenny?" and then cry myself to sleep thank you
I thought this was gonna go somewhere really deep (hehe) but then "I was vandalizing the house of my crush"
PhanIsAmazingFire PhanIsAmazingFire Dec 19, 2017
omg same, I decorate my walls with posters, youtuber merch, and my anime drawings :v