Bounded Love (BWWM) *Mature Content*

Bounded Love (BWWM) *Mature Content*

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Malika Stable a 22 year old black girl. She's doing her final year at university in Interactive media that alone already makes her a weirdo and the fact that she's into scifi and Anime doesn't aid her much. 

At the age of 10 her father passed away leaving her in the care of her guardians the Mason's long time friends and business partners of her father.

The Mason's son Keon a billionaire at just 29 has never paid Malika much attention, she was just the girl his parents took in plus she kept to herself alot. Keon owns 2 successful nightclubs and knows how to party hard. 

Find out what happens when the real reason why his parents had to take Malika in is revealed, forcing two young people who couldn't be more different into each others arms. 


This is a work of fiction from my imagination, please do not copy my work. 
The images and videos used do not belong to me unless stated they are the sole ownership of their owners.

Isnt just amzing when stories start out so intense !!!! 😂👏🙌👍👌👌👌👌👌
MarshGordon MarshGordon Oct 05
Great start. Following closely girl. Love your work. 😙😚😙😚
mimi45961 mimi45961 Nov 04
Smart choice, I love a good party but I would want my peace & quiet.
Marie-Ping Marie-Ping Oct 30
Oohh😊i can't wait to read this one. I know it'll be captivating😍
I just finished two of your other stories 😊 super excited to read this one too!
jmoreland34 jmoreland34 Oct 05
Very good start. I can tell, this one's gonna be goooooooddddddd