Can't Remember to Forget You

Can't Remember to Forget You

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Shelby V Painter By Shelby_Painter Completed

Imagine that you go to bed tonight and in the morning you wake up to find that four years have gone by. 

That's exactly what happened to Cassie Clark.

When she went to bed, she was only nineteen years old, but when she wakes up thousands of miles from home and all alone in a New York City hospital with no memory of how she got there, she's twenty four. The only memories Cassie has are of her everyday boring wholesome life back home in South Carolina, but when she wakes up she's confronted with the fact that the last four years of her life have been anything but boring or wholesome. 
Being in New York with no money, no family, no friends, and no job is scary enough, but now good girl Cassie is left with nothing but the pieces of a past that she can't believe could actually belong to her and the mystery of what led to her being found beaten nearly to death in an old deserted warehouse. 
To top it all off, the only person who seems to care about Cassie anymore is a boyfriend who she doesn't even know. 

Owen Tracer was nothing more than a player and a thug. 
Girl after girl and working for the mysterious 'business' had left him burnt out and tired of his own life. He was ready to get out, take the money he'd earned before it got him killed, and go straight, but the business had one last job for him to do before he was free. 
Tasked with posing as the boyfriend to a girl who had somehow tangled herself in a business mess, Owen goes to the hospital prepared to feel her out for any information she may have and to get rid of her if she knew too much. What he wasn't prepared for was finding that the girl was none other than Cassie Clark. Not only did he know the girl, but he couldn't stand her. However, the Cassie he finds isn't anything like the one he remembers. 
Owen was only supposed to get close enough to find out if she was a danger to the business. 
He wasn't supposed to fall for her. 
But once he does, he's the only one who can save her.

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  • forgotten
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  • romance
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anninaithani anninaithani Oct 20, 2017
Tbh author the book is amazing.. I just completed reading it today and I'm in cloud 9 😍.
marsham79 marsham79 Oct 26, 2017
I really liked the original 
                              Can’t wait to see what you do with it
- - Oct 20, 2017
Sounds interesting. I'll check it out when I am not in the car and feel better