winning over the horny park chanyeol // chanbaek

winning over the horny park chanyeol // chanbaek

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book 1/2

baekhyun has had enough of park chanyeol cheating on him to have an affair with someone else since he's not horny enough for him. 

he will do anything for the sake of his relationship, even if it had to do with taking his precious virginity away.

he'll do anything for his boyfriend to fuck him.

but in order for that to ever happen, he must win the horny park chanyeol over.

-lower case intended-

purpyeol- purpyeol- Jun 09
Everyone I know is talking about the sequel and I'm here like 'I'm on chapter 2 guys!' 🙌
-crayeola -crayeola Aug 27
Y'all I don't ship kaibaek but like I'm hoping Kai either collects his man or there's a big ads plot twist and kaibaek happens