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Ninjago Roleplay!!

Ninjago Roleplay!!

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Ninjago rp anyone??

LazyPurpleOctopus LazyPurpleOctopus Oct 02, 2016
                              That's all you really need. He's the Octopus in my profile pic.
Green_Paladin Green_Paladin Oct 01, 2016
Name- charlyn (or Char)
                              Age- eleven 
                              Backstory- she was a good friend of Lloyd at darkly's but when he left she was bullied so she ran away
                              Looks- short matted brown hair and freckled pale  skin and grey eyes 
                              Wears- a large dark green turtleneck sweater and torn jeans, and grey boots
LabRatFlutieKat LabRatFlutieKat Sep 26, 2016
Name: Jayde
                              Gender: female
                              Age: 17
                              Personality: nice, outgoing, but when she's mad she's REALLY mad
                              Looks: long brown hair, usually in double braids, brown eyes. Lighter brown ears and tail.
                              Element: light
                              Family: none (orphan)
                              Crush: Kai
                              Other: she's a neko
Amagine Amagine Oct 10, 2016
Name: Katlynn Jaina Pacer
                              Age: 19 
                              Looks: Ginger Hair, Green eyes, Tan skin, White and Orange shirt, Dark blue Pants
                              Crush: If Ronin's an Option, Then him ^-^
                              Element: Fel
                              Weakness: Fire, Sound, Light
                              Weapon: Bow and Grappling Hook 
                              Cousin of Jay? Don't have to be though.
Teddytree06 Teddytree06 Sep 26, 2016
Name:Skylor ( XD) 
                              Gender: F
                              Age: ( I'm guessing her age) 16 - 17
                              Personality:skylors personality 
                              Looks: like Skylor
                              Family:Chen ( XD)
                              Crush:kinda Kai ( XD)
                              Other:jays cousin ( :3 because I can)
_potato-patato_ _potato-patato_ Oct 08, 2016
Name: Elizabeth 'Liz' Taylor 
                              Age: 18
                              Looks: Blue Metallic Hair that reaches her neck, Black Oversized Sweater, Black Skirt, White Tights, and Combat Boots
                              Crush: Lloyd (small crush)
                              Element: Dark Magic 
                              Weakness: Light and Energy
                              Strengths: The Moon 
                              Weapon: Magic Spear