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Ninjago Roleplay!!

Ninjago Roleplay!!

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Queen of Zene (Zane x Gene) By Stargazer_Nightwing Completed

Ninjago rp anyone??

Looks:brown hair with pigtails,blue eyes,
                              Pink and white gi and a cat belt
                              Family:Lloyd is my big brother, misako is my mother and my father is Garmadon 
                              Looks:I'll tag u
Name: Kayla Jackson
                              Powers: speed and electricity
                              Family: Jay is her cousin and her mom is descended from the master of speed
                              Species: elemental master that is also part vampire
                              Boyfriend: Kai
                              Looks: brown hair, blue eyes, tall
Name: May Julian 
                              Age: 15
                              Gender: female 
                              Sexuality: lesbian 
                              Looks: long blond hair, blue eyes, pastel pink skirt, and pastel pink shirt 
                              Element: snow
                              Personality: innocent, nice, smart, and happy 
                              Weapon: katana 
                              Crush: Nya 
                              Weakness: someone hurt
                              has purple plasma is the purple ninja
                              brother jay
                              boyfriend Lloyd
                              is cat hybrid with white streaks on her brown ears and tail
                              u will find out more later
Name: Avery Walker 
                              Element: Lightning 
                              Family: jay
                              Crush: Lloyd 
                              Look: photo