The Mystery Prince ✔ #onceuponnow #justwriteit

The Mystery Prince ✔ #onceuponnow #justwriteit

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kevina By KevinaOyatedor Completed

Invitations have been sent out for the annual ball, for Prince Jeremiah Anderson it's to meet his future potential bride. Every year, the same typical vapid women claim they're the one but has disappointed him whenever they brought up money and his looks. With wishful thinking, he sits alone, hidden watching and waiting for who he will spend the rest of his life with.

Katie Oster and her relationship with Sean has run its course, he's moving to Japan for his job as a  photographer. She was in love but couldn't wait for him neither jump into another man's arms so quickly. Spending her days with work, eating junk food and watching TV show reruns, she receives an invite to the ball from the enigmatic Prince Jeremiah Anderson. The invitation in her hand was too good to be true, but she had to see for herself.

Entry for OnceUponNow by @target

Cover by @samiradange

HelenAngst HelenAngst Jun 14
Wow! Really love your main character! This is a wonderful intro. You have my vote!
tamoja tamoja Jun 11
. I like her!  She definitely isn't a rose colored glasses type of girl. Drug raid. Hahaha. That's funny, I like her attitude and this is a great start!
rosaimee rosaimee May 28
This is a great start! Narration flows smoothly and hooks the reader!
I'm really intrigued by this beginning! Well done, I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading the other chapters as well.
With my luck, I would have thrown out the invitation to the ball assuming it was junk mail - ha! Great beginning. Time to forget about old Sean and move on.
jr0127 jr0127 Jun 15
Best of luck in the contest Kevina! Wishing you good luck!