Bad boy [boyxboy]

Bad boy [boyxboy]

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Frozen By Frozenemptyheart Completed

Shane is antisocial and introverted, is considered invisible by almost everyone, so when bad boy and unofficial sexiest guy in the school, Seth Jacobs takes a liking to him, he has no idea how to react.

Completed 6/6/2012

(Awesome new cover by M3HTTVW)

frickilmyfrackil frickilmyfrackil Oct 18, 2017
this book makes me feel old asf. it was written when i was like 9
xttxymlhn xttxymlhn Jan 15
I just wanna know why her kissing people against their will is so important like so far this is all chapter one is focused on so does this have an important part in the story or is it just a development? Because I skipped over it but now I’m not sure if I should’ve 😭
retardontheloose retardontheloose Dec 29, 2017
someone's gotta be lying yo,,,,, you can't have a friendship without fights
Larrylove26 Larrylove26 Nov 03, 2017
Lmao idc how pretty she is if someone kissed me out of no where id slap them so hard id send them to space where they will die...
frickilmyfrackil frickilmyfrackil Oct 18, 2017
i was like YES YES YESS, then i saw “she.” and i killed my self
trashy-oikawa trashy-oikawa Oct 23, 2017
I'm laughing cause there is no one like this at my school. Are football team literally scored 2 touchdowns the ENTIRE SEASON.