Bad boy [boyxboy]

Bad boy [boyxboy]

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Frozen By Frozenemptyheart Completed

Shane is antisocial and introverted, is considered invisible by almost everyone, so when bad boy and unofficial sexiest guy in the school, Seth Jacobs takes a liking to him, he has no idea how to react.

Completed 6/6/2012

(Awesome new cover by M3HTTVW)

    can this be me please
                                  everyone knows who i am at my school and it's tiring because people always want to sit by me  ://
    Same. I don't like having crushes for that very reason. But I couldn't help it this one time so...sighh
    No, girl. Randomly kissing girls is unacceptable. *shivers* I would never have this type of friend.
    I never like the female friends in boyxboy books. They're all too peppy and happy. Why is there no calm and nerdy female friend? I want a Hermione Granger.
    There's such thing as undressing someone with your eyes. And once you realize what you're doing, you panic, although you don't exactly show it most of the time, and then you get the hell outta there without saying a word
    Now that sounds more like my friend. I'm not a fan of talking randomly... unless I'm hyper