Belle {Remus Lupin} {Discontinued}

Belle {Remus Lupin} {Discontinued}

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*Part of the Disney Series*

She was the girl with the dreamy far off look, and her nose stuck in a book.

He was the boy who transformed into a hideous beast against his will.

Belle Devereux enjoyed reading in the early hours of the morning, because hardly anyone ever seemed to be awake to bother her. However, it didn't take Belle long to notice the boy that showed up occasionally in the morning, looking like he had been caught in a fight with a thorn bush. With scratches on his face and a tired look in his eyes, Belle can't help but feel sorry and curious at the same time.

Mornings after full moons were always the worse for Remus Lupin. After an exhausting night, Remus would drag himself to the Great Hall in order to not hear the constant questioning from his friends. The students in the Great Hall ignored him for the most part, all except for one. The one girl that many would describe as beautiful yet strange, seemed to take an interest in him. Offering him a cup of tea and a slice of toast, she never said anything else to him. It became an unspoken agreement for her to do so since first year.

Fourth year comes around and Remus finds himself wanting to get to know more about his early morning companion. He begins to learn that there is much more to the girl with her nose always stuck in a book.

And the girl who would stay up until 2am starting when she was 10 and would wake up at 8 at the earliest on weekends. 
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YOU JUST DESCRIBED ME AT NIGHT! A NEW BOOK EVERY DAY! FANTASY! HINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Is this book called the false prince bc I think that's what she's reading it exactly describes it
I've never read a beauty and the beast Remus book. Not on Wattpad, either. I LOVE UR STORY!!!!!!!!
Of course we start off with something super sad when something a thousand times sadder happens in real life.