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Ramsay Bolton has taken Winterfell. As the son of the Warden of the North, his only hope of keeping Winterfell is by having a Stark by his side...

Sansa Stark is hidden away at the Eyrie. Arya Stark is in Braavos. That leaves only Edda Stark, twin of Rickon. 

After Bolton men catch the twins with the wildling Osha, they proceed to kill Edda's brother and their companion and take her to Ramsay.

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I'm to 98% sure that this is just marshmallow puff with strawberry dust or something like that
Love Ramsey as a villain. One of my favorite tv villains ever. Hate him as a person. What possessed me to read this?
- - May 03, 2016
I literally got confused at the "by force" part. Im bad bad multifandom trash
- - May 03, 2016
Im listening to Wax&Wane from Alana Henderson whilst reading this and it makes me imagine thinks pretty, pretty different 😂😂😂 its going nice hun, i need some action