Age of Fire

Age of Fire

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Ariane Serafinos; The Bastard of Xanosia.

But being the daughter of the Prince of Xanosia made her an important bastard; the first in the Serafinos blood lineage.

A runaway, who lived life on the streets because in a moment of weakness, she couldn't handle how her existence tarnished the family name. But then the war began, one that was different to all the rest.

Before the war, she was no one- a stain on a pure blooded Royale family. Until the day they attacked her- the Kaa Drakken. Wielders of the wielders of the darkest form of magic in the seven kingdoms. 

Sorcery. It was abolished decades past, but it has resurrected by an unknown force, with a deadly intent. 

The Serafinos family hold the throne and will do whatever means are necessary to destroy the plague that threatens to drown their people in their own blood, but what they don't know is that the key to their survival walks among them. 

Is one of them.

She was not a warrior. Not trained. Not even a dragon Ryder.

But Ariane is a survivor, and so much more than everything above.

Whether she likes it, or not.

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