The Rapist is My Husband?

The Rapist is My Husband?

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Kpop Lovie By ILuvBTS17EXO Completed

Seungcheol, the Choi's son with high reputation as young CEO. He has a boyfriend named Jeonghan. Jisoo is Jeonghan's best friend never get the chance to meet Seungcheol. What happened if Seungcheol raped Jisoo and Seungcheol and Jisoos' parents arranged them in a marriage? What if Mingyu came among them? Stay tuned..

WARNING : This story contain boyxboy, mature content, rape, mpreg. (18+ only)
If you are uncomfortable with male pregnancy please don't read..

Disclaimer : I do not own anything from this story. All the Seventeen members belong to their parents and Pledis Entertainment. 

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