Room 221 || Lucaya

Room 221 || Lucaya

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College is like a pool of students all trying navigate their way and find themselves all in the process. Thousands of them all at one time. The chances of meeting a certain person are slim. 

If you happen to meet someone in college, it was meant to happen. 

Maya Hart, the rebellious and uncontrolled teen with a broken background, gets placed in Room 221 with Riley Matthews, the sweet and naïve girl from Texas. 

Maya brings fun, sass, and creativity to Room 221. 

Riley brings sweetness, love, and her boyfriend to Room 221. 

The two could not be anymore different. 

Secrets will be revealed in Room 221. 

Bonds will be formed in Room 221.

Rumors will be spread in room 221.

Lies will be told in Room 221. 

Relationships will be made in Room 221.  

Most of all, hearts will be broken in Room 221.

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ElevensAnatomy ElevensAnatomy Nov 23, 2016
Wait. Am I missing somethin? Either they know each other or things just went from.  -Infinity and beyond to +infinity and beyond REAL FUCKKIN QUICK.
- - Jul 03, 2016
LOVE THIS hey there was his room key in his car 😂💓💓Love this