Ansatsu Kyoushitsu One-shot (xReader)

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu One-shot (xReader)

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∵Esl∵ By Eslxxx Updated Oct 07, 2016

Because cinnamon roll is laifu
(◍ ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)

3rd person pov

"(Y/N)-channnn" the blunette shouted from the classroom window calling the (h/c)

"Nagisa-kun?" the (h/c) turned to the blunette

"Ne (Y/N)-chan, umnn.. i need your help"

"Tell me what's your problem Nagisa-kun"


"Ne~ Nagisa-kun~ why these few days i keep see you always looking at (Y/N)-chan~?" karma said while pointing at (Y/N)

"E-ehhh?! I-it's nothing!!" 

"Owh come on~ spit it out~" 

"Like i said it's nothing!!" nagisa took his water bottle and drank it to avoid karma's question

"You like her?" 

Nagisa choked and his face turned red "W-WHAT?! N-NO I MEAN WE'RE JUST FRIEND YOU KNOW"

"Are~ what's this?" karma open nagisa's wallet and took out your photo

"SINCE WHEN?! OH GAWD KARMA PLEASE KEEP THIS AS A SECRET" Nagisa took your photo, put in inside his wallet, and shoved it inside his pocket

"Someone's in love~ can you make her yours? If you can't I'll share this cute lil nagisa with princess costume~"


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AntisocialMochiko AntisocialMochiko Nov 23, 2017
Wow wow author-chan I didn't know you knew about my life :')
foreverunicornfly foreverunicornfly May 05, 2017
                              Okay okay wait wait...
                              So isogai kissed a kitty?
marshmallhoe marshmallhoe Dec 28, 2017
Psh. A dress? Puh-lease. More like denim jeans and a hoodie.
SHSL_AngelicDemon SHSL_AngelicDemon Aug 29, 2017
*slaps mah mum back* Why must I have YOU as MY Mom, huh? :'D
Ioadiing Ioadiing Aug 12, 2017
*black jeans and a black shirt with black sneakers and a black baseball cap ;)
KheyaLazDT KheyaLazDT May 14, 2017
                              and i'm thinking of Yan Sim just now... ._.