Ansatsu Kyoushitsu One-shot (xReader)

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu One-shot (xReader)

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Because cinnamon roll is laifu
(◍ ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)

3rd person pov

"(Y/N)-channnn" the blunette shouted from the classroom window calling the (h/c)

"Nagisa-kun?" the (h/c) turned to the blunette

"Ne (Y/N)-chan, umnn.. i need your help"

"Tell me what's your problem Nagisa-kun"


"Ne~ Nagisa-kun~ why these few days i keep see you always looking at (Y/N)-chan~?" karma said while pointing at (Y/N)

"E-ehhh?! I-it's nothing!!" 

"Owh come on~ spit it out~" 

"Like i said it's nothing!!" nagisa took his water bottle and drank it to avoid karma's question

"You like her?" 

Nagisa choked and his face turned red "W-WHAT?! N-NO I MEAN WE'RE JUST FRIEND YOU KNOW"

"Are~ what's this?" karma open nagisa's wallet and took out your photo

"SINCE WHEN?! OH GAWD KARMA PLEASE KEEP THIS AS A SECRET" Nagisa took your photo, put in inside his wallet, and shoved it inside his pocket

"Someone's in love~ can you make her yours? If you can't I'll share this cute lil nagisa with princess costume~"


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Dress?... DRESS!?!?.... I NEVER wear dresses infact right now I am wearing black leggings and black nail polish (only cuz I was testing it out I don't care for makeup) so please get that dress away from me!
Can you give me one in poster size so I can hang it with my other anime posters?
marshmallhoe marshmallhoe Dec 28, 2017
Psh. A dress? Puh-lease. More like denim jeans and a hoodie.
kyxsarin kyxsarin Jun 25
I dont even care about korosensei
                              Im more concerned with karma being there
Wow Octodude had to be there and same thing goes for chili head
Haha 50 shades of Karma! For Fairy Tail there are 50 shades of Gray