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Unavoidable Affection (Naruto Fanfic) (Itachi Romance)

Unavoidable Affection (Naruto Fanfic) (Itachi Romance)

134K Reads 3.6K Votes 21 Part Story
Charlie Sheen By firooz Completed

It was a miracle. Only a miracle could be what brought Amarante Ikeda back to health when she was deathly ill. But she was brought back to health with a magnificent gift. The ability to feel others emotions. Fourteen years later, she's all grown up as a powerful ANBU on the same squad as the infamous Uchiha Itachi. She has feelings for her close teammate but, unfortunate for her, he has a possessive girlfriend. But these two close friends drift apart as Itachi holds a secret from her. Soon he's flat out avoiding her. But this is the least of her worries as word gets out that the notorious Orochimaru is after her.

I would do the same with Haku tho like mm IDC what his gender is, I'm bisexual anyway!
rainsenju rainsenju Aug 03, 2016
Next thing you know. The ants are eating her.  And that can happen trust me I know ;-;
FlowerStudios FlowerStudios Jul 29, 2016
I was born a little early- several weeks before I was expected to be born-, but I'm thankful for that because, otherwise, my birthday would probably  be the same day of the month as my brother...
TsukiyamaWantsDatAss TsukiyamaWantsDatAss Jul 23, 2016
I was only my born 5 weeks early. I had to stay in the hospital for an extra two months ;-;
Gilinsky69 Gilinsky69 Jul 01, 2016
Sora got the nine tails charka that was left over after it was sealed into Naruto
rainsenju rainsenju Aug 03, 2016
Wait... did this actually happen in the anime, I mean the host being dead