You Were There [#Wattys2016]

You Were There [#Wattys2016]

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moodywanderer By moodywanderer Updated Mar 11, 2017

Every person we meet has a story to tell. A story which is distinct in it's own way. People have problems, misunderstandings and angst. Some have been badly hurt. Some have been betrayed. Some have been abused. And the hurt, the betrayal, the abuse are not forgotten. One may not think about them, but they still dwell on our memories, they still reside somewhere in the back of our minds. And surprisingly, we never let them go.
But one day, a stranger comes, and not your typical knight in shining armor, but one who is equally distraught as you. That's when you realize, that you are not the only one who's alone, broken or depressed, but there are others too. And then, you look at them beside you in every trouble, every smile, and every tear. They stand by you as your strongest pillar. And after all the problems find a solution, you can proudly say to each other, "You Were There."


Witness the story of two lives brought together by circumstances. She, who is broken, but is always happy, and no one knows the story behind her smiles. He, who is shattered, and doesn't want to be happy, and everyone wants to know the story in his eyes.

What happens when two very contrasting and yet similar personalities clash? Love happens... But what lays ahead of them?

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Jemialia9 Jemialia9 May 01, 2016
wohoooo rushu babbyyy..superbbbb prologue n story concept..ur a fabb writerr.. soo happy 2 have such talented buddies ;))) muahh..update na plzzzz.hahah
remizov_stela remizov_stela May 01, 2016
That's a pretty good start, I am very intrigued! Keep up the good work cause you are doing fab, my friend! ❤️